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near to the Beachr, where you can relax and revive yourself with a unique treatment that will keep your skin soft, healthy and smooth.Fish therapy has taken the Crete beauty scene by storm with Happy Fish team of tiny therapists leading the way. This popular beauty treatment uses Garra Rufa fish, a form carp, to gently remove dead skin. Their suction-cup are perfectly shaped for gently lifting dry skin away and it is completely painless as the fish have no teeth. Welcome to Renia Hotel Happy Fish Spa a divine sanctuary for the nurturing of your hands and feet.

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garra rufa fish spa

The latin word for these fish is Garra Rufa Obtusa and it is part of the carp family of fish. Garra Rufa fish are the only species amongst thecarp family that is able to carry out the effective skin treatment.

Garra Rufa have also been nicknamed nibble fish.

Some have named the fish Doctor Fish due to their therapeutic treatment for skin. They believe that the fish works as a doctor in the same way that a human doctor would on skin. They also believe that it is a symbiotic relationship where humans require the fish to treat their skin while the fish need the human dead skin cells as food.

Outside the medical context, Garra rufa is also called reddish log sucker.




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The original environment where they are found is near  Kangal, in Turkey where they have natural outdoor hot springs. Garra Rufa fish live naturally in hot pools where natural food sources are usually in short supply. In this environment the fish are  attracted to human skin as source of food to supplement their diet.

During the treatment the fish nibble and suck away the dry skin from your feet, leaving you with healthy and rejuvenated skin. Your feet will feel amazing, refreshed and healthy. These clever fish can also stimulate acupuncture points helping to rejuvenate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue. Your blood circulation and flow is also greatly increased during the treatment.

A natural pedicure method originating from Turkey and practiced all over the Far East. This unique skin treatment massages your feet using Garra Rufa fish. It is a great individual or group pampering experience which is something new that feels fantastic.